Interface programming

MotoGSI SDK is a software development kit for developing communication interfaces at the job level. The main component of MotoGSI is an INFORM instruction set extension that facilitates the establishment of communication links (socket connections) to external devices. Ethernet/TCP (for client), Ethernet/UDP and RS-232 based interface connections are currently supported.

Main features:

  • Enables the connection of all devices and cameras via TCP/IP or RS-232
  • Implements specific protocols
  • Standard protocols are already included (FTP, SMTP, Telnet)

MotoCom32 SDK

MotoCom32SDK is a software development kit for communication applications.

It is based on DLL (Dynamic Link Library) technology, which makes it easy to use when creating new software applications or integrating third-party HMIs. It also provides the ability to access the robot from different clients (simultaneously with the DX100) without changing the configuration.

Main features:

  • File transfer
  • Robot control functions
  • Status information
  • System monitoring
  • Setting or reading of I/O signals
  • Communication control
  • DCI functions for job-initiated PC communication (LOADV, SAVEV etc.)

Advanced PP Customization SDK

Development kit for creating application-specific user interfaces.

The Advanced PP Customization SDK provides a collection of modules for quick and easy creation of application-specific user interfaces for the teach pendant (PP). Adapted user interfaces make it possible to centralise important information and control elements for easy access. Operation can be standardised for all devices.


  • API module
  • Logging module
  • GUI module
  • Language module
  • User level module
  • Input module

MotoPlus SDK

Development tool for MotoPlus apps.

MotoPlus SDK is a software development kit for creating expansion modules (MotoPlus apps) for MOTOMAN controllers. User-defined modules expand on the functionality of the robot controllers to include functions not available with the standard INFORM instruction set/ladder. Relevant modules provide, for instance, communication protocols for other devices, complex mathematical calculations, etc. The expansion modules are created externally on a PC using the common C programming language and are integrated once compiled.

Main features:

  • Integrated development environment
  • MotoPlus library
  • Collection of examples