YASKAWA Connected Factory

Shift to the next generation

Digitalization is laying the foundation for the development of futurefactory automation. Some call it Industry 4.0, some say Internet of Things, we call it i3-Mechatronics, but all these terms refer to the exciting smart factory of connected devices enhancing productivity and production flexibility. One question remains, however: when will it all be available? Our answer is... NOW!

Once in the late 60s, YASKAWA invented the term mechatronics. Now, 50 years later, let us take you into the next-generation world of i3-Mechatronics. With YASKAWA Connected Factory - one Major element of i3-Mechatronics - we are offering companies of any size a genuine software suite product for factory automation. It is easy to install, easy to configure and easy for anyone to use. Its modular software structure makes enables growth, reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 digital transformation.





Our production environment enables customers to collect and analyze real-time data. It is open for further data analysis with specialized Big Data analysis and AI learning. Production data can be visualized by the YASKAWA Connected Factory at application, machineand complete production line level.


Big Data analysis and AI learning of collected production site data offer new ways of optimizing the production process at machine leveland factory Level.


Insights gained from the in-depth analysis of the production process are used to trigger improvements and create a better level of production and Quality.



YASKAWA Connected Factory YCF 1.0

YASKAWA Connected Factory provides a complete management view:

Asset management, live data monitoring, and collected production data for sophisticated analysis and process improvements

Factory data available to plant operation team and decision makers, but also to customers, business partners and suppliers

KPI (Key Performance Indicators):

LIVE area



Levels of Control

Factory Level

Color-coded for quick assessments at a glance, and clickable for a detailed view of individual assets and events

Cell Level

Shows the current production status on a machine-to-machine or device-to-device basis

Device Level

Shows the current status of devices (components)

Asset Management

Much of the interesting information about your production line is related to assets - the devices and components in your installation.

YASKAWA Connected Factory allows to monitor and manage assets in one place.

Event Management

Events are any changes in the operational status of installed devices.

At device level, events usually come through standard communication protocol, mostly using standard protocols like OPC-UA.


Interventions In the case of severe problems or even production stops, every second counts.

YASKAWA Connected Factory provides all valuable, relevant and concentrated information, precisely where it is needed, to speed up error localization and quickly recover from critical situations.

Customization SDK

The implementation of YASKAWA Connected Factory is easy and uncomplicated.

We supply a Customization Software Development Kit (SDK), which makes customized implementation easier for your experienced programmer.

Software Modules

Projects and customers are different in terms of production assets, devices and implementation skills.

Our product portfolio addresses these different needs with product and support bundles.

Licensed Software Packs (Funktions: Basic, Advanced, Premium)


One Time Installation Support


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