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We work with the following partners to promote content, quality or industry-specific content.



DVS - German Association for welding and Related  Processes e.V. is for the benefit of the general public - beyond the circle of its members - to promote welding and related processes. In the cooperation, the training for automated welding is advanced and guided.

"Weiternbildung Hessen e.V. " deals with the promotion and assurance of quality in further education through transparent and binding quality standards. The association forms a network to drive this forward and to develop it further.
The ZDI deals with the early introduction of young people to socially relevant topics about STEM access, and attracting more young people to STEM studies or STEM training.
With the Hans Dietrich Genscher School in Wachtberg we have carried out a pilot project to train Robotic and Insudtrie 4.0 in primary school.

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